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Wig Maintenance in Irving, TX

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Whether you have wigs made of human hair or synthetic hair, it is important to care for your hair. Caring for your wigs is what will maintain them at their best. The first step of beginning a daily hair care routine is to understand how to best care for whichever fiber wig you may have. Wild4Wigs, serving Irving, TX, offers you a few key tips that will help you keep your wigs looking their best.

Make sure you are using the appropriate products for your wig. For synthetic wigs, you must only use products that are specially formulated for synthetic fibers. Products meant for human hair will eventually damage the fibers of synthetic wigs. Likewise, make sure to use products designed for human hair wigs. Wild4Wigs, near Irving, offers you a variety of hair maintenance products for both fibers of wigs.

Begin by making sure to be using the right type of combs or brushes for your wigs. For synthetic wigs, it is important to use tools designed for that type of fibers or you will find that your wigs’ fibers will stretch under the stress.  You will want to detangle before washing, but do not brush synthetic wigs while wet. Synthetic wigs actually require very little styling. For human hair wigs, make sure to use a wig brush. Wig brushes have specially designed bristles to avoid tangling and breakage. Gently brush to remove tangles.  Irving’s, Wild4Wigs, can offer you consultations to show you the proper way to care for your wigs to help you save time and avoid costly mistakes.

The best way to care for wigs is to bring them to our Design Studio near Irving. We specialize in the proper washing of both synthetic and human hair wigs. However, if you choose to wash your own wigs make sure to follow the information on the care tag of your wig.  In general, you should only use cool or cold water with synthetic wigs. Human hair wigs are best washed with lukewarm water. Pour the appropriate amounts of wig shampoo into the water and then submerge your wig. Allowing your wig to soak in the shampoo and water for five minutes will loosen stubborn debris requiring less rubbing friction. Rinse your wigs with the appropriate temperature water and do not squeeze or wring. Condition with a conditioner specifically designed for your wigs’ fibers while making sure to keep conditioner away from the cap. Once again rinse with the appropriate temperature water. Blot excess water with a towel and the set your wig on a wig stand to air dry.

Wild4Wigs, serving Irving and surrounding areas looks forward to providing you with personalized services including wig wash and styling! Our store is a short drive from Irving and is located in Addison. We also have one of the largest selections of wigs in dallas.

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