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Tips for Buying Wigs in The Colony, TX

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Whether you’ve decided to purchase a wig out of necessity or just to change up your look, choosing the right one can be an overwhelming experience especially for those new to wigs. Finding the right wig requires time and there are several things to take into consideration when it comes to searching for the best wigs for you. Wild4Wigs Design Studio near The Colony, TX offers you a few tips in three main areas to help you pick out the wig, or wigs that will both look and feel great.

If you are shopping for wigs in The Colony, the first step to finding the wig that will bring out your best features is fit. The fit of a wig is very important. Begin by having your head properly measured. Our expert staff at Wild4Wigs will help you determine the proper size wigs for the most comfortable fit. Next you will look into caps. Wig caps can be monofilament, lace-front, or hand-tied. Caps are very versatile and the construction of the cap will determine how comfortable it will be for you. When shopping for wigs in The Colony, make sure to try on a variety of caps to find the best choice for you. The last step in determining the best fit is the anchoring options. Most wigs will come with adjustable straps, fasteners, or headbands to ensure that you don’t lose your wig while you’re wearing it.

Once you’ve found the best cap fit for your head, the next step is to decide what fibers you want your wig to be composed of.  Wigs are available in human hair and synthetic hair, and both have their advantages and disadvantages. Each requires care and maintenance. Our staff near The Colony, TX will go through the difference between the two and help you decide which fiber will best suit your lifestyle and needs.

The last step is the most fun: finding your style. You may want to start with styles that you are familiar with. Unless you’re feeling adventurous, in which case, wigs are the perfect way to experiment with different styles. It is good to remember that certain face shapes are flattered most by certain styles. You can shop by length, hair texture, or hairstyle. Once you’ve determined which style wigs will best bring out your features, the next step is choosing a color. When choosing a color take into account your natural hair color, your skin tone, eye color and eyebrows. Our Design Studio near The Colony has a large selection of wigs and we are sure you will find a wig you look and feel great in.

Wild4Wigs recommends bringing pictures of styles you are interested in so that we can help guide you to the right wigs. Bringing a friend or two can also help in making the perfect choice. We look forward to scheduling your consultation! To learn more about our Dallas wigs click here.

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